Why Does My Dog Want to Sleep With Me All of a Sudden

Normally, dogs don’t care whether it’s day or night and will sleep whenever they want. But dogs are very observant and understand how routines work, so he’ll know when it’s the “time” for you to go to bed and wake up — that’s why they are usually around as soon as you open your eyes.

So if your dog never slept much with you at the bed or even around the same time as you, and all of a sudden he wants to sleep with you there may be some reasons behind it, and we’ll explore and list them below.

He wants to protect you

Dogs have a protective behavior towards their owners, especially the breeds that were hunters and guard dogs in the past, so he knows you are not paying attention to your surroundings while sleeping and can be very vulnerable. So if he feels like that is any kind of threat around him or you, he’ll insist on staying by your side on the bed while you’re sleeping in order to warn you if anything happens.

He feels anxious

Dogs can experience what specialists call separation anxiety. There are no explanations to how this anxiety can start, but the dog will show signs of it, and wanting to sleep with you is one of them. And if you don’t allow him to lay down and sleep with you, and he starts crying and barking, then it’s time to take him to the vet to understand what’s happening.

Separation anxiety is not only when you’re not in the house and the dog misses you, it can also happen when you are in a different room or doing something else, like sleeping.

If you’ve been spending more time out of the house or more busy than usual and all of a sudden your dog wants to sleep with you, then this may be the reason.

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He’s uncomfortable where he sleeps

Sometimes the place or the room where the dog sleeps is uncomfortable for him for any reason, so he’ll go after you to sleep with you and feel safer. The room can be too cold or too hot, too bright, loud, and so on. If you changed something where he sleeps, and then he started wanting to sleep with you, it’s probably something there.

You are encouraging him

If your dog slept with you once, and then you gave him treats, affection, or offered words of affirmation, then he probably understood that sleeping with you is a good thing and that he should do it every day. If there are no problems with your dog sleeping with you, you can let him, there’s no harm in doing it. You just need to understand why he’s doing it and how he feels about it.

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