What Are The Pros And Cons of Elevated Dog Feeders?

Elevated dog feeders are best for those who have a giant breed of dogs and love their pets. These elevated dog bowls are raised off the ground to provide your pet with complete access to the food and water as it lifts to the approximate height of the dog. There are both pros and cons of elevated dog feeders. The feeders come in the size and shape you can select according to your dog’s height and for their ease of eating.

What are elevated dog feeders or raised bowls?

An elevated bowl is a type of bowl that will make your bowl raised up to elevated height above floor level and make sure to give your giant dog breeds an upright position. Using these types of bowls will give you the correct height standing position to make your dog eat food without any complications. Even extra-large breeds won’t have any problem finding the ideal height of an elevated dog dish.

You can make an elevated feeder with stainless steel bowls. You can also use ceramic bowls or stainless steel dog bowls, plastic bowls for it. But it would be better to use stainless steel bowls or a simple metal bowl than ceramic dog bowls because they are one of the Popular Materials for Elevated Dog Bowl Feeders. They are the perfect solutions to use.

Pros of elevated feeders

There are many benefits of elevated feeders for the dogs to get access to their food easily with no messy area and disturbing posture of the dogs. A comfortable way to swallow and drink water and helps eat slowly that your traditional bowls cant do easily.

Easier feeding for humans

When you pet some animal its whole responsibility is on you to provide food and water and make them easy access to get it. Elevated feeders are the best options for the dogs if you invest in you won’t be disappointed. They are beneficial for the dog posture as well as yours as it is much easy to clean, anti-spill water, especially for large dogs. They save your time to clean, hassle-free, and anti-spill bowls to feed your dog correctly. Even a statistical study says you canine friends need tall dog bowls to have food comfortably.

In case of injury

Dogs with injuries and disabilities can easily eat or drink with the help of elevated feeders and because the dog gets less pressure on their joints or bones. Wounds or injuries can be sorted out with the help of elevated feeders for the dogs.

Even for the deep-chested dogs with medical issues, this bowl stands among the other normal bowls for dogs. It makes easier access to food dishes without feeling immense pain.

It keeps away pests

Well, when the dog feeders would be at a suitable height from the floor it will keep the pests away from the food or water bowl. Because it will be difficult for the pests to climb up and enter the bowl as the dogs don’t like it to share their food.

Gives Healthier Posture For Dogs with joint pain

Elevated positions are the best position when it comes to eating for dogs. You have to make your dog’s natural eating position comfortable. Because uncomfortable position won’t let your dog eat food slowly and comfortably. Your dog’s natural position on ground-level bowls will cause too many problems especially if your dog has joint issues.

It will give your dog head down posture that you can say an improved posture for your beloved furry friend. It will increase the blood flow level.

Helps in arthritis and joint discomfort

If your dog is physically handicapped or has any other physical problems, then elevated bowls can help persons with arthritis. Using elevated traditional dog bowls can minimize canine arthritis symptoms. If there are any symptoms of arthritis on your dog with real pain, then there is no better solution than using this one. There are many real health benefits of using

Prevents unwanted behavior and Messy Eating

By using an elevated water bowl for dogs, you can get unwanted feeding behaviors without any problems. For a messy eater, there is no better solution than using an elevated feeding bowl. This type of pet food bowl can help your dog to keep the feeding area clean. You can also make it a comfortable feeding station top-up without any problems. There are also elevated no-spill water bowls are available.

Cons of the elevated dog bowl

There is a wide variety of reasons to use elevated bowls. From combat bloat to any health condition, many numerous studies and scientific studies have shown why you should use elevated bowls for your dog at mealtime. Since there are enormous benefits of elevated food and water feeders for dogs, a few drawbacks also come along.

Elevated feeders are not good for fast eaters and issues of bloat problem

Though slow eating can be helpful and comfortable for the dogs but not for the fast eaters or excited eaters as large dogs can be prone to a certain condition that is GDV (gastric dilatation-volvulus) complex or bloating. That is an abnormal condition and requires medical treatment as it affects the larger breed of dogs who eats quickly or gulp.

Thus it can also cause your dog’s stomach distends gastric dilation. So your dog’s gas-filled stomach will be the reason for the risk of bloat in dogs. At least the study says it. It can also cause other health issues. And these are serious medical conditions.

Not using a slow feeding bowl can cause your dog health risks. Because a slow feeder bowl can help you to reduce signs of bloat. So if there are canine bloat problems, then it should be better to avoid this type of bowl. Even if your dog has inflated stomach issues, then avoid elevated dishes. They can increase symptoms of bloat.

Difficult to find the right bowl

You may face difficulties in finding accurate and comfortable height elevated feeders where your dog can reach easily and have no issue of eating and drinking. So if you have a massive breed dog at your home, it can be hard for you to get extra large elevated dog bowls. For the larger dog breeds or giant breed dogs, you can’t get a pet bowl of choice easily. It is also hard to get extra-large raised dog bowls. You will see a wide variety of sizes. Yet it can be confusing.

Not useful for the older dogs

They are not suitable for the older dogs as they don’t stand always to eat their food so while the elevated feeders are at the extra height they cannot be comfortable for them. It will also cause older dogs some signs of pain and residual discomfort.


Elevated feeders are safe dishes for food and drink for the dogs and a viable option to invest in. You can ask your vet for the suggestion if your dog needs it or not as they are best for the convenience of dogs to reach their food. Rather than using an ordinary bowl for your dog on the ground surface, it is better to use these types of bowls on scheduled feeding times. So it can be the ideal solution and effective solution with a variety of styles of pet feeding bowls. These are the pros and cons of elevated fog feeders.

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