Should Dogs Sleep in Your Bedroom?

Have you kept a new pet dog in your house and want them to sleep with you in your bed? Do you want to know whether you can let your dog sleep with you in the bedroom or not?

Well, this is quite a common question which the majority of the pet owners do ask because they are not aware of whether it will be healthy for them or not. To solve your query, let’s have a small discussion about whether letting your dog sleep with you in the bedroom is safe or not. 

How Do You Clean A Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Is your dog allowed to sleep with you in your bedroom?

You can let your dog sleep with you in the bedroom only if:

  • You like to have them with you in a blanket.
  • If it is improving your sleeping cycle or does not impede your ZZZs. 
  • And if you are not allergic to the dogs at all! This is quite a common factor that most pet owners face because they do not know whether the pet dog will be allergic to them or not. 

Can your Dog Sleep on the Floor or in the Bed?

If you think that you or your dog is not comfortable with you to sleep in your bed, then the best option would be to let them sleep on the floor. But make sure you do serve them with a comfortable and relaxing dog bed so you can sleep better and with more significant potential. 

According to a 2017 research report by Mayo Clinic, it has been examined that sleeping with a dog affects sleeping efficiency. Based on this study, it has been clear that participant sleeping efficiency has been greatly improved whether they have their dogs sleeping on the bed or the floor. At an average level, sleeping efficiency has been better for the study subjects whose dogs have been sleeping on the bedroom floor. 

If you want your dog to sleep in a relaxed manner with you, make sure you do provide them with a comfortable approach to either having a crate or a dog bed. Both of the arrangements are entirely different from one another, whose pros and cons are discussed below:

Dog Crate


  • Den-like form of surroundings hence naturally feels snug and yet safe to him
  • Switching his whole sleeping spot is very much easy to move his crate
  • Make sure that you are welcoming them as a guest
  • Prevents housebreaking accidents or any unwanted house behavior


  • Might be noisy for you as you shift it from one place to another
  • The dog needs the training to stay inside the crate 

Dog Bed


  • Comfortable for the joints of dogs
  • He can curl up, stretch out, or might even get up to quickly move around
  • The bed is yet not too much noise when the pet owner shifts position


  • Dog often wakes up when they will rise or pace 
  • Free to get themselves engage in the undesired house behavior

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