How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Pooping In The House At Night?

Well-trained dogs are intelligent to understand where to poop but if you have a new puppy it will take time to train him. He would poop in the house may be in the latter part of the night when you are not watching him. So it’s quite normal to have some accidents so you should ask the vet if he was housetrained or not.

Change in eating habits

If your dog poops at night in the house then first of all you should have to change his eating habits or you can even ask the vet or the breeder from where you bought the dog how they feed the dogs. According to the vet, it’s better to feed them 3 to 4 times a day if the puppy is 5 months old, 2 times a day to adult dog 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep. Always balance the quantity of the feed doesn’t exceed the limit of making his feed or it shouldn’t be less too.

These can cause health issues to your dog like bloating or gas so if you are unaware then ask the vet about the right portion of the feed. Just like humans don’t feed the dog heavy meals or full of protein that can cause constipation to the dog-like cheese. Usually, the dogs have to need to poop 15 to 30 minutes after taking a meal but if that food is heavy then bowel movement will be slow so that the poo at night.

Morning walk

For a healthy and fit puppy or dog, you must take him to the morning walk after their breakfast if you have time before work. If he poops at night then take him on a walk at night after dinner it will allow his bowel movement and he would be free from the need. Always encourage the dog to poop outside and praise them with treat and morning walk will correct his pooping behavior.

Don’t let him wandering at night

Dogs don’t like to poop in the area where they sleep so if you want to stop them not to poop at night in the house then close their bedroom and limit their movements.

Spot a place for pooping

In the yard, you can train your dog to a specific spot to poop and ask them to go outside whenever you observe he is in need. The first week it may have leaked but when he won’t be confused anymore then will remember the area to poop all the time.

Don’t be aggressive

After training even your dog may have accidents indoors in the middle of the night so do not be aggressive or scold them just stay calm and ask them to go out. A dog cannot understand why you are angry so they only want to get your attention by pooping in the house. Put that waste on the specific spot where you designated him to poop so he will inspect it and learn.

Clean your house

If accidents happen then clean the area immediately with a fragrant liquid as the dog remembers the scent where they pooped so clean it well won’t let it happen again.

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