How to Toilet Train A Puppy in 7 Days? Updated Guide

Bringing home any pet is a challenging task because you put on responsibility just like a child. You have to take care of the pet and teach him where to go to the bathroom as he should be potty trained. Little puppies are easy to train as far as he is 2 months and all you need to be consistent, and patient.

Learning The Rules – Day 1

When you are having a little puppy in your home and pet him then you must have to toilet train him to avoid a mess in the house in 7 days. You can confine the specific area for potty training outside the house or in the back yard. When the puppy gets awake then a family member should wait outside so the puppy will go as well and if he wants to pee and poop then later play with him for 10 minutes. If he didn’t do his pee then later bring him back to his place and try again after 15 minutes.

Establish A Consistent Schedule – Day 2

Just like you wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom to free yourself your puppy also needs to pee so take him out to do his business in the morning and before bed. If your puppy is small enough and a few months old then take him out every single hour includes after a meal or when he wakes up. Small dogs need a toilet at least five times a day than a big dog so you must take care of it.

Observe His Behavior – Day 3

You should have to learn by observation when he is about to go to the bathroom as his behavior will be changed. Such as he may get up from laying down and walk to different areas of the home it is a signal, instantly take him out. He can even bark, circle around your feet, or scratching the door to go out.

Time To The Toilet – Day 4

You can command him by saying go potty outside when he is awake, as you must be consistent with the words and accent that he will expect. You can alarm set for every hour first day then schedule it like 30 minutes after eating or drinking and must praise him like a good boy.

Don’t Punish Your Puppy – Day 5

Always remember while dealing with animals there is no need to scold them in case of accidents or trips in the house. You can simply teach them how it’s wrong and right to go out to do his work, punishing him won’t affect well on him. It’s possible when you scold him he would trip some shit on the floor.

When Accidents Happen – Day 6

You should leave your dog for 4 to 5 hours and must have a check onto them at least until he is 6 months old when he will have control over his body.

Bladder Control Teaching – Day 7

This is how you do it when your puppy needs to go to the toilet and shows sign then ask him to stay more minutes than usual if he waits then it’s ok. Then increase the minutes for next time.

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