How long can you leave a Puppy in a Crate?

Do you want to know what crate training is all about? How can you successfully train your dog to the crate without giving any change in their behavior?

The majority of dog pet owners are very much conscious about training their dogs in terms of commands and learning actions. But few newbies would have got to know about dog crate training, which is a new term for them.

What is Crate Training all about?

Crate training your dog will help you benefit from your pet dog instinct to provide them a safe, comfortable, and quiet place to relax. This is much required for them when the environment around them is overwhelming and too much loud. 

Crate training is also a useful tool for preventing your dog from chewing items in your house or during housetraining. 

The primary purpose of the crate is all about housetraining your dog. This is because dogs do not like to soil their relaxing dens. This crate will limit their access to reach into other areas of the house. But at the same, it will help you to teach your dog some different housetraining rules. 

Crates are even known to be the safest way with which you can transport your dog in your car during travel time. 

Why is crate training so crucial for your puppies?

Proper training of dog crates plays a vital role in letting your dog or puppy be less fearful or frightened as they saw the crate for the first time.
Always remember the fact that you are not availing the use of a crate for punishing your dog. Make sure you let your dog feel safe and comfortable as they step inside the crate for the first time. 

In the starting few days, you should avoid closing the crate’s main door, so it won’t make the dog feel as if they are being punished. 

Crate training plays a vital role in your dog’s potty training as well which helps to stop pooping at the house. There are different other reasons based on which you should approach crate training for your dog. 

During crate training, you should not be concerned about closing or locking the crate door. The only thing you should be conscious of is to make your dog feel relaxed and comfortable. It will assist you to travel easily with your dog without any hassle. 

If your dog is having anxiety issues, then choosing a superb crate training dog will help your dog stay relaxed and less anxious. Through the help of crate training, you can prevent your dog from showing certain unwanted behaviors. This includes counter surfing, window barking, or chewing household items. 

How Long Time Do You Crate a Puppy?

For how long your puppy can crate will be based on so many factors in which the largest factor is the age. You should be giving a look over the puppy months and using it according to the rough guideline. 

If your puppy is five months old, you should crate them for at least 4-5 hours most of all. In the same way, a four months old puppy should be crated for a maximum of 5 hours. All the dogs, even those grown, should be crated at least 9 hours maximum. 

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