Dog Bowls Ceramic VS Stainless Steel

Ceramic and stainless steel are the two most popular materials for dog bowls. Both have pros and cons, and we’ll list them below!

Ceramic dog bowls can be easily found anywhere, in different types, styles, and colors. Most models have a layer of paint glaze to protect them, and they are completely food safe for the dog. But the ceramic bowls can break if you or the dog drop them on the floor.

While the stainless steel dog bowls are extremely durable, won’t break if you or the dog drop, won’t get scratched, and are also completely food safe. But these bowls normally come only in one shape and style, you can’t choose different colors.

So, below we’ll make a list of characteristics of each bowl, so you can choose the one that suits your needs better.

Ceramic Dog Bowls

Hygienic material: ceramic is highly hygienic and the vets love it. The thin layer of glaze on it stops the material from absorbing anything from the food, so there are zero risks of bacteria and germs growth. But if you go for a ceramic bowl with no glaze, the material can have extremely small holes on it that when not cleaned correctly, can be the perfect place for bacteria growth.

Many styles:

The great thing about ceramic bowls is that you can choose the design, the color, and even order customized bowls with your dog’s name on them. The dog bowl can match your house decoration.

Heavy material:

The material is heavy, which means that the bowl is also heavy. This prevents the dog from making a mess and taking the bowl with him everywhere he goes. The bowl will stay in place with no dog food all around the floor.

Easy to clean:

Ceramic bowls are extremely easy to clean, and you can do it the same way you clean ceramic items in your kitchen. Most are dishwasher safe — if not, the manufacturer will write a warning — but water and a simple soap can do the job.

They can break:

But not everything is perfect with ceramic dog bowls and if you drop it or if the dog is strong enough to pick and throw it, the ceramic will break in dangerous pieces that can cause injuries in you and in the dog.

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Extremely durable:

Stainless steel is the most durable material when it comes to dog bowls. It won’t break if you or the dog drop it, the dog won’t be able to scratch or chew it.

Super safe bowl:

The bowls made from stainless steel are recommended by vets as they won’t allow any bacteria or germs growth on them. They also don’t absorb the flavor, odor, or colors from the food;

Easy to clean: stainless steel is a dishwasher safe material, so you can easily clean and dry it. If you prefer to hand wash it, just water and soap will do the job;

Not many styles: the bad thing about stainless steel dog bowls is that they all have the same color and overall shape, you can’t choose much between them as they look alike;

Noisy: if your dog is a messy eater, he can make some noise with the material while eating.

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