Best Flat Faced Dog Bowls Reviews in 2022

People with flat-faced dogs had probably had trouble trying to feed them from regular bowls. Most of the standard bowls are not adequate for those breeds as they cannot reach the meal from the bottom to eat it. That’s why we will list below the 10 best flat-faced dog bowls available on the market.

Flat-faced dogs suffer from brachycephalic, which causes them to have very short snouts. So that’s why brachycephalic breeds can’t eat from the flat surface that normal bowls have and end up throwing their food on the floor. It gets easier for them to eat straight from the floor.

But these dogs can have their own proper bowl, that will help them reach their meal and never have any problems.

In a Hurry? Editor’s Top-3 Picks

Super Design Mess Free 15° Slanted Bowl for Bulldog

Y YHY Small Dogs Raised Food Bowls

PETKIT Elevated Small Dogs Food and Water Bowls

Best Flat-faced Dog Bowls Reviews

1. Super Design Mess Free 15° Slanted Bowl With Non-Slip Base for Bulldog

Best Flat-faced Dog Bowls

Product dimension: 5.91 x 5.91 x 3.15 inches; 9.12 Ounces
Material: melamine, stainless steel

Getting a Mess free slanted bowl will prevent the food from sticking around at the bottom, making it almost impossible for the dog to eat. A flat-bottomed bowl also cause fatigue on the pet’s neck. It has stainless-steel insert bowl.

This bowl has a 15-degree tilted design, that makes the food get concentrated in one point at the bottom in a way that the dog can get easy access to eat. The round high arc design prevents the food from overflowing and spilling. You can give your dog a better feeding experience.

The perfect bowl is stable with a non-slip design, making it hard for the dog to turn it to throw the food on the floor. It will be easy to keep the stainless steel feeding bowl clean and wipe as both the melamine stand and Removable Stainless Steel Bowls and top-rack dishwasher safe.

It comes in four sizes: small (0.5 cups), medium (1.5 cups), large (3 cups), and extra-large (7 cups), so flat-faced dogs from every size can have their own proper bowls.

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2. Y YHY Small Dogs Raised Food Bowls For Better Posture

Y YHY Small Dogs Raised Food Bowls

Product dimension: 5 x 5 x 3.6 inches; 1.43 Pounds
Material: Ceramic

This ceramic bowl has a tilt angle design of 5 inches in width, so the food is kept pilled or concentrated in the center, this way the dog cannot push it off the bowl and gets better access to eat all the food.

The base of the bowl is stable and wider, making it secure for the dog to eat without making any mess and reducing the neck burden that regular food bowls cause. This one has the right height so the pet can eat in a more proper posture. It’s possible to even for the pet to sit down comfortably to eat. And it will be a better choice for your dog’s health.

The sturdy ceramic bowl tilt can be microwaved and is dishwasher safe, making the object last longer than regular bowls.

3. PETKIT Elevated Small Dogs Food and Water Bowls

PETKIT Elevated Small Dogs Food and Water Bowls

Product dimension: 4.72 x 6.3 x 12.99 inches; 1.23 Pounds
Material: Plastic

This PETKIT elevated food bowl is made with strong and durable food-grade material, completely safe for your pets to use. The design is elegant and makes a great decoration for your home.

The bowl has a 0/15º raised angle, which offers easy access to the pieces of kibble while keeping him with healthy eating and licking habits with no neck burdens. Regular feeding bowls may cause back and neck problems that can even develop into arthritis.

If your flat-face dog is a messy eater, then this bowl will suit him perfectly. Every single piece of kibble will be in the same place. The rubberized grips at the bottom will keep the bowl in place and the inclined smooth surface prevents the food from spilling. The transparent design leaves the food visible, and the deep wide shape with rounded edges will make it easier for the dog to eat everything.

The PETKIT elevated bowl is dishwasher safe, but cannot be microwaved, so be careful.

4. Enhanced Pet Bowl Stainless Steel Bowl for Flat-Faced Dog & Cat Breeds

Enhanced Stainless Steel Bowl for Flat-Faced Dog & Cat Breeds

Product dimensions: 10.9 x 10.9 x 3.2 inches; 1.1 Pounds
Material: Stainless steel

Stainless steel The Enhanced stainless steel pet food bowl was designed oversized, with the front flat part the same size as a regular dog bowl and an added sloped ridge built into the back end of the bowl. This way, the 45-degree angled bowl will look huge at a first glance, but that’s what makes this shallow bowl so suitable for flat-faced dogs and helps deliver great results.

There are three sizes for small, medium, and larger dogs. The ridge helps the pet eat, as he will be able to find all the food on the bowl easy for him to reach. The bowl is also angled perfectly to keep the dog’s comfortable posture in place, avoiding possible choking and neck problems. This one has an anti-slip base and anti – spill safe material. This way, there will be no mess or food scattered around the house.

It’s easy to clean and dry, and stainless steel is a lasting long material. Is a bowl that you will have for many years.

5. YMAXGO Elevated Dog Bowls Set for Flat Face Dogs

YMAXGO Elevated Dog Bowls Set for Flat Face Dogs

Product dimensions: 8.62 x 8.58 x 4.4 inches; 2.99 Pounds
Material: Ceramic

Ceramic The YMAXGO bowl is made of non-toxic and food-safe durable ceramic, easy to clean, and microwavable. This height-adjustable cat bowl is perfect to use.

The tilted large-caliber design was specially made for flat-faced pets, making it more convenient for them to eat. The food will stay concentrated at the bowl, with no risk of falling on the floor or keeping the dog in uncomfortable angles to eat. And it also won’t cause your dog to have an upset stomach.

There are two available beautiful colors, black or white, with the capacity for 2 cups, the necessary amount to feed a medium-sized dog. It can be easily cleaned and rinsed.

The bracket is made of high-quality silicone, that doesn’t cause allergies to the pet while keeping the whole table mat in place. The silicone bowl will not move around.

6. Ourpets Company 2400012856 Tilt-A-Bowl Stainless Steel

Ourpets Company 2400012856 Tilt-A-Bowl Stainless Steel

Product dimensions: 5 x 2 x 4 inches; 3.04 Ounces
Material: stainless steel material

This one-piece flat-faced bowl from Ourpets suits almost all brachycephalic dogs. The angle and the wide opening design allows the pet full access to all the food that’s placed at the bottom.

The stainless steel metal bowl has a rubber ring at the base, which keeps the bowl in place while the dog is eating, avoiding any possible mess or food waste. And since this specialized bowl is one piece it can be easily cleaned, wiped, or just tossed into the dishwasher after each use and it will be good to be used again.

It’s one of the most simple design and effective bowls, and one of the most affordable too. So you can make your dog’s feeding time comfortable.

7. ThinkPet Slanted Food Bowl, Anti-Skid No Spill Dish

ThinkPet Slanted Food Bowl, Anti-Skid No Spill Dish

Product dimension: 2.17 x 2.17 x 12.6 inches; 3.52 Ounces
Material: Silicone

This ThinkPet has an anti-skid and no-spill design. Made of silicone, the material is waterproof, completely safe to be used by pets, and dishwasher safe. Easy to clean and dry.

The large area with raised edges was thought to prevent spills and keep the food in place, with no mess on the floor. And sure to create a slower eating habit that will make less health risk. So it will allow you to give your dog a pleasant experience.

The height is perfect choice for smaller dogs and holds around 1 cup of food.

8. YMAXGO French Bulldog Ceramics Food Bowl

YMAXGO Ceramics Single Food Feeding Bowl

Product dimensions: 8.66 x 8.5 x 4.29 inches; 2.06 Pounds
Material: Ceramic

This YMAXGO ceramic pet food bowl is perfect for small dogs under 25 lbs in size. It can hold up to 2 cups of food and it’s also suitable for cats. It will keep the pet’s face clean after he’s done eating. The ceramic material is durable, easy to clean, wipe, and dry.

There’s an anti-slip mat at the bottom of this conventional bowl, which will keep the bowl safe in place while the dog eats, so there will be no food being thrown at the floor and around the house. Even if your dog is the messiest eater, you won’t have any problem. It has Anti-Spill Anti-Slip Free tilt design

The angled bowl keeps the food on the right spot for the flat-faced dog to reach and eat with no trouble. There will be no risk of choking. You can give your dog both raw food or wet food here.

This is also a simple option, made of ceramic and easy to be used and cleaned.

9. Love “N” Creatures – Slanted Dog Bowl

Love "N" Creatures – Slanted Dog Bowl

Product dimension: 7.2 x 5.6 x 0.4 inches; 3.2 Ounces
Material: Plastic

The Love N Creatures slanted dog bowl is a one-piece bowl, made of plastic, and designed with an angled tilt, perfect to be used by flat-faced dogs.

The benefit of this one-piece plastic bowl is how practical it is, it’s ready to be used, can be easily cleaned, wiped, and dried. There are no other parts to be put together. And you can give your dog better digestive health. Its patented design makes it better,

There are two available colors, blue and pink, and one size perfectly made for puppies and small dogs. And since it’s a small and lightweight food and water bowl, it’s perfect for you to take while traveling. It will not make up much space in a backpack or purse.

10. Bone Dry Hungry & Thirsty Pet Bowl

Bone Dry Hungry & Thirsty Pet Bowl

Product dimension: 6.75 x 6.75 x 2 inches; 3.09 Pounds
Material: Ceramic

The Bone Dry ceramic bowls come with a full dinner set: 2 pieces suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. One can be used for water and the other for wet or dry food.

Ceramic is a durable material, super easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and will not cause any allergies or food-related problems for your pet. And you can also feed your flat-faced breeds from meal time to time.

The base has silicone, a non-skidding, and non-flipping material. This will prevent the bowl from sliding around on the floor while the pet eats. No messy or wet floors. There will be no laying food even bits of kibble.

There are various designs and a variety of colors from this set. Choose the one that you like best or will suit more in your house decoration.

Buying guide for the best flat-faced dog bowls

Brachycephalic, also known as flat-faced dogs, tend to have trouble eating in regular flat bowls. We listed above some of the best options that can be found on the market for you to choose from. But if you’re still in doubt about which to choose — they are great options after all — we made this buying guide to help you.

Your dog size

The flat-faced dogs are usually Pugs, Bulldogs, Pit Bulls, French Bulldogs, Boxers, and Boston Terriers, and each has a different size. Most of the flat-faced bowls are not one size fits all and you’ll need to choose the correct size before buying. You may require medium breed bowls.

Take a good look into the dimensions, how much food and water the bowl can hold, and if it will be enough to feed your dog throughout the day. Wrong size bowl can cause problems.

The durability of the material

The material and possible durability are also important to notice. Those bowls tend to be a little more expensive than regular bowls, so you need to choose well to ensure that you will have a great product that will give you no headaches and will last long.

Ceramic and stainless steel are great sturdy materials, they cannot be chewed and scratched by the dog, so their appearance will always be of a new product. But ceramic can break if you let it fall on the floor.

Hard plastic is also a common material, but depending on the dog, it can be chewed and scratched on the sides


If you’re looking for a travel-friendly bowl, then a one-piece type may be the best solution. Most bowls come with a separate base or in a set that can get hard to be packed and used when you are away from home. You can get a collapsible dog bowl

The one-piece type can be easily stored in any bag and will be ready to use in any condition.

Why do traditional dog bowls cause problems for flat-faced dogs?

The traditional bowl is not suitable for English bulldogs or short-nosed dogs, or flat-nosed dogs. Because these dogs have heavy breathing issues and that’s why it is hard for them to have food in a slow feeder bowl or normal dog bowls. So it can cause your digestive tract or twisted stomach. That’s why you need to get a special bowl rather than using a typical dog bowl.

How do special bowls/tilted bowls help a flat-faced dog?

Flat faced dog has throat issues and bacterial infections along with Brachycephalic syndrome. So traditional food bowl cant help them in having food. They need special dog bowls with a slight tilt. Slow feeder dog bowls or maze bowl also cant help these intelligent breeds. So rather than getting a slow feed bowl, you can get a tilted bowl that will help your dog in excessive eating.


Flat-faced dogs require different care than other breeds, and when choosing a feeding dish for your pet you need to take this into consideration.

Regular bowls are not ideal for flat-faced dog breeds, as they cannot reach the food spread around the bottom, and may cause choking and neck problems for them. The specific bowls made for those dogs are a needed item for them.

The angle and elevation from the flat-face dog bowls offer the pets the right angle to eat while keeping the food concentrated in one place for him to easily access. In the article above we listed the 10 best flat-faced dog bowls that you can find on the market.

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