Best Dog Crates for Whippets 2022

Whippets can get along with everyone. But in case you have to live alone with your crate and when you are not at home, it will be difficult for your Whippet. That’s why you need to get the best dog crates for whippets. It will help them feel safe and relaxed when you are not with your dog.

Getting a crate also means you can train your Whippet for various things. That’s why you need to find the right one. Because it can help your dog to get proper training as well as adapting different circumstances. That’s why here we are mentioning some of the top-rated crates that are ideal for a whippet.

Types Of Dog Crates For Whippets

There are various types of crates for whippets. Some of them are suitable for them while others are not. If you consider crates for medium size dogs like a Whippet, then there are only a few types of crates that you can get for them. Whippets are low-maintenance. So these types of cages for Whippets would be perfect. These are

Soft Sided Crates

Soft-sided dog crates usually have thick fabric and mesh screen panels. So durable soft-sided crate will make a comfortable place for your dog to sleep and take a rest in it without any problems. It is also easy to store. But if your Whippet has a bad chewing habit, it would be better for you to avoid buying this type of crate.

Wire Crates

Some people think getting a sparse wire crate is a bit inhuman. But actually, it is not. Wire dog crates provide proper ventilation and visualization that can make your Whippet comfortable in the crate. Your dog can see outside and won’t feel lonely in the metallic whippet crate. The collapsible wire crate won’t be able to cause any damage by chewing.

Plastic Crates

If you are taking your Whippet outside with you, then it would be better for you to use a plastic dog kennel. These kennels are easy to carry. The traditional plastic crate also comes with a carrying handle that will let you hold it in your hand. So you can use a plastic travel crate.

Best Dog Crates for Whippets

1. MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen Dog Crates for Whippets

Best Dog Crates for Whippets

With this MidWest Icrate Homes for Pets Dog Crate, you will be able to keep your Whippet alone at home without any worry. It will make sure to keep your Whippet safe and secure. It will be a reliable place for your dog when you are not at home. This exercise pen option will also create your dog’s natural “den” instincts. It will make a den-like space. This one hase rounded corners.

It has a heavy-duty slide bolt latch that will keep your dog lock in the crate to keep it safe. It will firmly lock the door without making you worry. And even if your to tries to break it, your dog won’t be able to do it. This affordable option has thicker steel support.

You can assemble it without any tools in a few seconds. Whenever you don’t need it or take it with you when you are traveling with your dog, you can folds flat shape as it is a collapsible crate. This one is an affordable metal wire crate option for you to use. It can be a budget friendly puppy crate.

This heavy duty dog crate measures 30 Length x 19 Width x 21 Height inches after assembling. It has a crate panel divider that will let you increase its adjustable size. A carrying convenient handle that will help you to hold the crate. With the help of its durable dog non chew metal tray, you can clean it easily.

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2. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel With Rear Ventilation

AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Dog Crate

If you are looking for a crate that you can take outside easily, then this Dog Crate would be your first choice. This one is a soft-sided carrier crate that you can collapse option whenever you want to for easy storage. That’s why it will be simple for you to take with you when you are traveling with your dog in a car.

This attractive crate has durable polyester fabric and PVC material. So your Whippet will get enough air to feel comfortable inside the crate. This 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate also has multiple loose mesh fabric that will help your dog to look outside so that your dog doesn’t feel trapped inside it.

It also has a plush fleece-covered pet bed inside this crate. It will help your dog to sleep in it. And your dog feels comfortable when you are traveling on the road. It has rear ventilation panel. You will keep it in the adjustable living space despite having convenient two-door design.

This product has accessory, scratch-resistant practical pockets on the top to make sure you can keep there your dog’s treats, toys, etc. These Additional pockets top flexible fabric cross tied handle and shoulder strap will help you to carry it with you. This one is ideal for medium breed dogs like Whippets who are 26 – 75 lbs.

3. 2PET Foldable Dog Crate

2PET Foldable Dog Crate

2PET Foldable Dog Crate is an all-in-one popular dog crate that you need for your Whippet. It has both class and functionality. You can fold it whenever you need it. It will help you to store it without any problems. You can use it for indoor, outdoor, training, and travel. All you have to get the proper assortment of size dog crates for your Whippet. 

This crate for travel dogs has a strong yet lightweight steel tubing design that helps you to fold it. This one is not flimsy. So you can use it for a longer time. With its top carrier handle, you can turn it into a pet carrier. It has excellent ventilation holes.

It has a water-resistant and soft Oxford 600D fabric crate cover that is also known as a nylon cover. You can remove it whenever you have to wash it as it is removable and washable. It has fabric sturdy mesh windows.

Because of its well-designed bone-shaped windows and mesh panels, your dog will get enough air from it. This air crate has a waterproof crate mat with a reversible and washable fleece cushion pad.

4. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Petmate Vari Kennel

Petmate Vari Kennel has tie-down strap holes and wire vents that will give your dog a proper ventilation divider panel. Because of its interior design, your Whippet dog will feel safe and secure inside the crate. And you can take your dog with you wherever you go. This one is ideal for dogs who are 30 to 50 lbs. Dogs like Whippet are perfect for it.

This hard Sided puppy crate meets with airline travel cargo specifications. So you can take your dog with you even if you are on travel with airline kit. It’s easy-open front latch will help you quickly open the door.

It has all heavy-duty recycled plastic composite material. It has all the eco-friendly products. So there is nothing for you to worry about when it comes to safety and comfort for your dog.

It will provide your dog 360 degree ventilation and fresh air. You don’t have to assemble it. Its cheap plastic handle has a comfortable grip that will make sure your hand doesn’t hurt even if you hold a few times.

5. Petsfit Travel Pet Home Dog Crate

Petsfit Travel Pet Home Dog Crate

Petsfit Travel Pet Home Dog Crate will provide your dog both safety maintains your dog’s health. It is 30 L x 20 W x 19 H inches. So it has a perfect size for a dog like Whippet. The best part of this dog crate is you can roll up both doors and the top entrance. So that your dog can easily enter this crate.

You can also use it as an open bed for your dog. It is a lightweight, sturdy, and foldable pet crate for your dog. You can fold it whenever you have to. It is a secure crate that you can give to your dog. You won’t even need excess space for it.

It has a patented screw-in metal internal frame design that makes sure the meshes of this crate can be in place. You can set this up in a few minutes without using any tools. It is also an affordable dog crate. You can also carry handles without any problems.

Because of its removable and washable soft pad, your dog will feel comfortable. It will also create a private place for your dog to sleep. And make sure to zip it properly. It has plenty of ventilation systems. So you don’t have to worry.

Things need to look for in Whippets Dog Crates.

You need to have a Whippet Dog Crate Buyer’s Guide before you are planning to get a crate. 


The first thing you need to consider before getting a cage for Whippet is pursuing the right size. You can take measurements of your dog. Make sure the entire crate is long and wide enough for your dog to sit and stand properly. There are different crate sizing that you can look for your dog. Among all these range of sizes. But it would be better to get an average size crate for puppies.


Some wire cages come with a removable metal tray that you can remove to clean the crate. You can get them. It will save you time. You can also get steel plastic kennels because they are easy to clean. All you have to make sure is the cleaning process should be easy. Your crate should be easy at cleaning. Some have a double-door option and some have single.

As there are many types of crates, so there are different types of materials. It doesn’t matter what you get. The only thing matters are what you get for your dog needs to have a durable construction and durable materials. If your crate is durable, then you can use it for periods of time without any problems.

Extra features of Cage

There is also other exciting feature that you need to take care of such, as it is chew-proof or not, how many extra space it needs for storage, double-door feature,  etc. Before you get anything for your dog, you need to consider them. These assortment of features needs to be considered. And you can also read the crate product description, product sizing details, etc.

FAQ Of Best Dog Crates for Whippets :

What size crate does a whippet need?

A 36-inch crate would be ideal for a Whippet. This size cage is best for adult Whippet. Make sure your Whippet is comfortable with its choice of size. You can also get an extra large whippet 38-inch crate to 42 inch crate. While getting for a crate for puppy, it would be better for you to choose adult cage. Also, know about the maximum weight limit of the crate. So that you can get one based on the average weight capacity.

Do Whippets get separation anxiety after using dog crates?

If you leave your Whippet in a crate for a long quality time, then your dog can get separation anxiety. That’s why you have to make sure while giving your dog crate training, you don’t leave it there for a long time especially when you have a sick Whippet. Because accident during crate training method can happen. So make sure to fix the crate time.


We have mentioned all of the crate categories and crate models here in this article. All of these is durable crate for your Whippets. You can go for professional advice if you are confused. Because expert advice can help you in many ways.

When you are getting a crate for your Whippet, make sure it doesn’t make your dog feel suffocating. If your dog doesn’t feel comfortable in a crate, that means you have to change it immediately. Hopefully, through this article, you have got the best dog crates for whippets.        

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