The Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds 2023: Buying Tips and Guide

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, with their intelligence and loyalty making them a favorite among many. However, they do require more attention than other dogs because of their size and energy levels. One way to keep your German Shepherd happy is by providing them with the best dog beds for German Shepherds – but what exactly should you look for when buying one?

This article will take you through some tips on choosing the perfect beds for German Shepherds as well as recommendations.

Top 3 Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds

Editor’s Top-3 Picks

Furhaven Orthopedic CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Pet Beds for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

Furhaven Orthopedic CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Pet Beds for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

Furhaven Orthopedic CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Pet Beds for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

Furhaven Orthopedic CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Pet Beds for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

Love's cabin Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed - 36/43/49in Cooling Pet Dog Beds for Extra Large Medium Small Dogs - Portable Dog Cot for Camping or Beach,...

Love’s cabin Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed – 36/43/49in Cooling Pet Dog Beds for Extra Large Medium Small Dogs – Portable Dog Cot for Camping or Beach,…

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Why Should I Get A German Shepherd Dog Bed?

One of the best things about owning a German Shepherd is that they are so versatile – they can be used for herding, guarding, tracking, and many other purposes.

However, this also means that they require a lot of exercise and room to run around. If you don’t have enough extra space for your dog to roam freely or if you’re not able to provide enough exercise, then the Best Dog Bed may be the perfect solution.

A good dog bed will give your pet a comfortable place to rest and relax. It can also help to keep them warm in a cold climate and cool in hot climates, as well as provide some protection from the cold ground or hard surfaces.

Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds

1. Large Dog Bed for German Shepherd

Large Dog Bed for German Shepherd

Size: Large | Material: Polyester | Brand: Furhaven | Color: Plush & Suede Gray | Fill Material: Egg Crate Orthopedic Foam

For dogs like German Shepherd, it is better to get a bed that will give them head support along with a cozy feeling. This dog bed has a high loft orthopedic cushion for a sense of security.

Plush faux fur lining was used to make the main sleep surface here. And the bolster bed here has easy care suede. And these materials are perfect for snuggling.

As there is an egg-crate orthopedic base here, it will give your dog support on the neck, joint, hip, back, neck, etc. Also, your dog will get a restful sleep.

It is easy to take care of this bed. You can wash its durable cover on the washing machine. Because of the waterproof base, you won’t have any issues.

2. Best Orthopedic Dog Beds for German Shepherds

Size: Jumbo | Material: Polyester | Brand: Furhaven | Color: L Chaise Bed – Faux Fur & Velvet Deep Sapphire | Fill Material: Egg Crate Orthopedic Foam

Here we bring another 4-inch memory foam layer bed from Amazon Furhaven. The main sleep surface of this bed has a plush faux fur cover. And the non-slip bottom makes this bed better and safe for your dog to use.

This beds with bolsters have smooth velvet fabric that makes this bed comfortable enough to snug in it. Even if your dog has hip dysplasia, it will be able to sleep here comfortably. Its outer cover is easy to wash.

The 4 inches of memory foam makes this bed even better to sleep in. You will get this memory foam bed in a range of sizes. From small size to jumbo size, you will get a different choice of sizes of beds. So your German shepherd will love to sleep in it.

3. Elevated Dog Bed for German Shepherd

Size: L(49″x35.5″x8″) | Material: Sterling | Brand: Love’s cabin | Color: Grey | Item Dimensions LxWxH: 49 x 35.5 x 8 inches

If you are looking for a dog bed that can control your dog’s body heat in the summer months, then this one from Love’s cabin Outdoor Elevated Design Dog Bed would actually work for you. It can keep your dog 8 inches off the ground.

For large breed dogs, this extra-large size bed would actually work. There is a breathable mesh center in this bed. And this breathable mesh fabric and dense foam would make your dog feel comfortable in the summertime.

With this bed, you will get 1 mesh, 4 legs, 2 leg extension rods, 4 cross support extension rods, 4 screws, and 1 hex key. All of them are ideal for making this bed. You can easily make this bed without anyone’s help.

4. Strong Supportive Cooling Dog Beds for German Shepherd

Size: Jumbo | Material: Polyester | Brand: Furhaven | Color: Ultra Plush Gray | Fill Material: Orthopedic Foam

To make your german shepherd sleep more comfortable in any weather, there is no better bed than this one. It comes with a machine washable cover that will let you clean it properly. Also, it has plenty of space for your dog to snug and cuddle on this bed.

This bed has a cooling get that will keep your dog’s body temperature in control. Your dog will get enough support on the back, joint, neck, and hip. Its curly soft fabric faux fur will make sure your dog sleeps comfortably.

You will get this bed in the largest size. So for a dog like a German shepherd, it would work great. You will get this bed in a huge variety of color options. However, be careful about destructive chewer.

5. Non Chewable Dog Bed for A German Shepherd

Size: Large | Material: High density polyethylene, Alloy Steel, Fabric | Brand: Coolaroo | Color: Brunswick Green | Item Dimensions LxWxH: 43.31 x 7.87 x 31.5 inches

With the help of this off-ground bed, now you will be able to keep your bed always cool. Because this design will always make sure your German shepherd will always get proper airflow from all sides.

As this bed has breathable fabric high-density polyethylene, you can say your dog won’t get hot spots on its body. And its portable attractive design will make sure you can use it both inside and outside.

The strong powder-coated steel frame and heavy metal of this bed make it durable. And you can easily assemble it. It will be easy for you to clean it. Also, you can take it with you anywhere as it is lightweight.

6. Best Budget Dog Bed German Shepherd

Size: Medium | Material: Polyester | Brand: Furhaven | Color: L Chaise Bed – Two-Tone Stone Gray | Fill Material: Egg Crate Orthopedic Foam

Because of the L-Shape, now this bed is popular among larger breed dog owners. It has a high loft orthopedic cushion that will support your dog as well as give him the proper support it needs.

It has a removable cover that you can remove whenever you have to and the high-density foam will make sure goes well with your dog’s body. There is a waterproof liner on this bed that will protect this bed from all liquid accidents.

This bed has hypoallergenic material. So your dog won’t have any allergic reaction toward this bed. Its comfortable memory foam will give your dog a pleasure feeling.

7. Best Dog Beds for German Shepherd Puppies

Size: XL (32” x 24”) | Material: Polypropylene | Brand: Utotol | Color: Black | Fill Material: Cotton

The last bed on this list is Utotol Dog Bed. With this bed, your dog will get support from rising rim edges. It will give your dog muscle and achy joint pain relief. It has nylon fabric that makes your dog feel comfortable. There is a water-resistant liner in this bed,

As it has an anti-scratch oxford cloth and water-resistant cover, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Its non-skid bottom and side have shredded memory foam to make this bed an excellent option to use. It would be both a fantastic option and a comfortable option for your dog.

You can use it as a standard crate mat. Also, it will help you with sore joint issues, orthopedic issues, and elbow dysplasia. For colder months, this bed works the best. But if your dog is a heavy chewer, then you have to be careful.

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Things to consider when buying the Best German Shepherds Dog Beds

What size bed for German Shepherds?

When choosing a good dog bed for German Shepherds, it’s important to consider the larger size of your dog. A bed that is too small will be uncomfortable and could cause joint problems, while a bed that is too large may become a nuisance and be difficult to clean.

The best way to determine the right bed size is by measuring your dog from head to tail, then from their shoulders to the ground. This will give you an idea of how long the dog bed should be as well as the depth they need – if your dog is very large or likes to stretch out when resting, make sure you buy one that has an extra-large bed length and width!


One of the most important parts of choosing a Dog Bed is ensuring that it’s durable and tough enough to stand up against your dog. Now, you don’t need something as heavy-duty as what they sleep on at home (which is likely made from steel or thick rubber), but make sure there is a good layer of padding and that the bed cover is resistant to scratches, tears, and dirt.

Easy to Clean

Another important factor to consider is how easy the Dog Bed is to clean. If your dog is a messy eater or likes to play in the dirt, then you’ll want a bed that can be easily wiped down or thrown into the washing machine. Some beds have removable covers which make cleaning them a breeze, while others have a waterproof lining that can be removed and washed separately.


Naturally, Dog Beds come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Some are traditional rectangular shapes while others have more unusual features like raised edges or bolsters that provide extra support when your dog is laying down.


The dog beds are available in a variety of shapes. Some may be more appropriate depending on your dog’s sleeping habits, while others will simply depend on whether you want something with raised edges or not.

Rectangular: These beds often have no design features, making them perfect for dogs that like to stretch out or curl up in a ball. They are also the easiest type of bed to clean.

Bolster: These beds have raised edges around three sides, providing your dog with some support and extra comfort when sleeping. They are usually rectangular in shape and can be difficult to clean if your dog likes to play and roll around on them.

Cylindrical: These dog beds come in a variety of different shapes, but they usually have raised edges or bolsters along the side. They are easy to clean as well as provide your dog with firm support when laying down.

Oval: These dog beds are perfect for dogs that like to curl up in a ball, as they have no raised edges. They are also very easy to clean and come in a variety of different sizes.

Nesting: This type of bed is shaped like a small dome, with the sides curving up and around your dog. They are usually very soft and provide a cozy sleeping area for dogs that like to curl up in small spaces.

Why should I buy a German Shepherd dog bed?

A dog bed is a good investment as they allow your dog to relax and enjoy their free time. You can also easily spot the difference between an old bed and a new one, allowing you to replace them before they become uncomfortable or potentially unsafe for your pet.

What about your dog’s weight on the bed?

It is advisable to consider the dog beds when your dog’s weight exceeds 25 pounds. The bed should not be used in the case of any pet or child who weighs more than 30 pounds, as it may collapse and cause injuries.

What are the Benefits of Choosing the Right Dog Bed for German Shepherds?

A Dog Bed gives your pet a comfortable place to relax and comfortable sleep, which can help improve their overall wellbeing.

It’s a good way to prevent your dog from sleeping on the hard floor or furniture, which can lead to joint pain or other health problems.

A Dog Bed is a great place for your pet to hide away and get some privacy, especially if they’re not used to being around other people or animals.

A Dog Bed can help keep your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, depending on the type of bed you choose.

If your dog has a favorite spot to sleep, buying them their own bed will help prevent them from taking over your bed or furniture.

A Dog Bed is a great way to protect your furniture and carpets from dirt, hair, and scratches.


What size dog bed does a German shepherd need?

A German shepherd will need a bed that is at least 24 inches wide and 36 inches long. This will give them plenty of room to stretch out or curl up in a ball. If you have a particularly large dog, you may want to consider buying a larger bed or even two beds so they don’t feel cramped.

What kind of bed does a German Shepherds need?

The dog beds should be durable and comfortable bed that is large enough to accommodate your pet. The best kind of beds are those made from memory foam or orthopedic durable materials, as they tend to provide the most support and ultimate comfort.

Do German Shepherds like to sleep in your bed?

German shepherds are happy to sleep in your bed. However, if you have dog beds that are more comfortable and they enjoy sleeping on them more, then they will eventually start to prefer their own beds over yours.

Are German shepherds good to sleep with?

If they are in your bed it can sometimes make getting in or out of the bed difficult, especially when you have two dogs sleeping with you.

Conclusion: Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds

To provide a comfortable and safe place for your German Shepherd to rest, we suggest you get them their own bed. You can find beds made specifically for German Shepherds like the Kuranda dog bed or the Nesting Bed which are both designed to be durable and supportive of large breeds. These types of beds will help keep your pet from developing joint pain as they grow older because it takes the pressure off their joints!

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