The Best Dog Beds for Chihuahuas in 2022 – A Detailed Guide

The Chihuahua is a small dog and as such, it needs to be properly cared for. One of the most important aspects of their care is finding the right bedding. There are many types available, including waterproof, washable, and orthopedic beds. Which type should you choose? Read these buying guides and tips to find out!

Top 3 Best Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

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Best Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad, Electric Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats Indoor Warming Mat with Auto Power Off

Petmate Small Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

Petmate Small Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

Tofern Colorful Dots Patterns Striped Cute Pet Fleece Bed Puppy Small Medium Dog Cat Sleeping Igloo House Non-Slip Warm Washable

Tofern Colorful Dots Patterns Striped Cute Pet Fleece Bed Puppy Small Medium Dog Cat Sleeping Igloo House Non-Slip Warm Washable

Best Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

1. Extra Small Heating Dog Bed for Chihuahua

Extra Small Heating Dog Bed for Chihuahua

Size: M:18″ x 18″ | Material: Polyvinyl Chloride | Brand: RIOGOO | Color: Blue | Fill Material: Polyester

The world is going electric. Everything in the world has been changed to have electrical appliances that can make work easier.

The Riogoo dog bed is one of the things that have been developed t make dogs more comfortable by making them electric. The dog beds are connected to electricity and have a controller that people can use to adjust the settings to improve their dog’s sleeping conditions.

The bed offers heat to the dogs, making it suitable for cold regions or winter. This sleeping bed is good for your Chihuahua. It helps ensure that your dog is warm and comfortable all night long.

Product Highlights

  • Electric Heating Pad
  • Indoor Warming Mat
  • Auto Power Off

2. Best Small Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

Best Small Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

Size: 20 inch by 16 inch | Material: Blend | Brand: Petmate | Color: Chocolate Brown |Fill Material: Polyester Fiber Fill

Chihuahuas are tinny and cute dogs. Every time people see a Chihuahua, they want to pick them up, cuddle them, and shower them with affection.

For this reason, most Chihuahuas love to cuddle and feel close to people. Although dog owners love to cuddle and play with their dogs, they will not always have the time to be with their dogs, or it will look weird to cuddle with their pets instead of their partners.

It is for this reason that the Cuddler dog bed was developed. The dog bed offers a comfortable bed for your lovely dog while also offering the warmth of a cuddle to your pet. Get your Chihuahua one, and your will notice they will get happier over time.

Product Highlights

  • Comfort & security
  • Small pet breeds

3. Best Luxury Chihuahua Dog Beds for Females

Best Luxury Chihuahua Dog Beds for Females

Size: Medium | Material: Polyester | Brand: Tofern | Color: Pink Dots | Fill Material: Cotton

It is a psychological thing that when people and animals see small creatures unless they are perverts or animals hunting, they will want to take care of them. This is the reason when you give a dog an egg; it will handle it with caution to avoid breaking it.

The same idea applies to Chihuahua owners. Most owners want to offer their pet dogs the most protection and care. If you are one and you would like to offer your dog the best accommodation and protection, buy them a Tofern dog bed.

The dog bed is developed to offer both comfort and security to your dog. Apart from the lower part where your dog sleeps, the dog bed also has an upper part that provides shade and protection from the elements.

Get your dog one, and you will know that your cherished pet is always safe and comfortable.

Product Highlights

  • Colorful Dots Patterns
  • Sleeping Igloo House
  • Non-Slip Warm
  • Washable
  • Removable Cover

4. Best Teacup Chihuahua Dog Bed

Best Teacup Chihuahua Dog Bed

Size: 19 Inch (Pack of 1) | Material: Firm and DurableSoft Faux Fur Surface Material | Brand: Nononfish | Color: Pink | Pattern: Solid

Most people love to have fun outdoors sometimes. There are some places or seasons where it might be considered criminal to be indoors sometimes.

A good example is a warm summer weekend, and you live close to a park or have a huge backyard. You should bring the entire family out and enjoy the good times while they last. If you have a Chihuahua, you should have a safe place to sleep while outdoors.

The best product for your dog is the ShangjingMeixie dog bed. The dog bed is best since it offers comfort and a safe sleeping position, whether indoors or outdoors.

Product Highlights

  • Cushion Crate
  • Cuddle Bed
  • Machine Washable
  • Indoor Outdoor
  • Removable Insert Pillow

5. Best Dog Bed for Older Chihuahua

Best Dog Bed for Older Chihuahua

Size: S(23” x 23”) | Material: Polyester | Brand: MIXJOY | Color: Brown | Fill Material: Polyester_Fiber

Most dog owners consider their dogs to be one of their children if they are in a family or their best friend if they are single.

But sometimes, dogs can be both a best friend and one of your children, or your only child. For this reason, people go above and beyond to ensure their dogs are comfortable and well taken care of.

The best way you could take care of your Chihuahua is by getting them a Mixjoy dog bed. The dog bed is not only comfortable, but it also offers some orthopedic support to your dogs’ bones and muscles. Your Chihuahua will always have a safe space to sleep and have all-around support.

Product Highlights

  • Orthopedic
  • Comfortable Donut Cuddler
  • Round Dog Bed
  • Ultra Soft Washable Cushion

6. Best Hooded Dog Bed for Chihuahuas

Best Hooded Dog Bed for Chihuahuas

Size: Small – 23″ x 23″ | Brand: Best Friends by Sheri | Color: Gray Ilan | Item Dimensions LxWxH: 24 x 24 x 7 inches | Pattern: Gray Ilan

Many dogs suffer from cold nights while they sleep. Most dog beds in the market target consumers worried about their dogs’ comfort and forgot to have features that ensure their dogs are warm during cold nights.

If you have a Chihuahua, you should be worried about your dogs’ sleeping conditions. Chihuahua is not big and might suffer a lot when exposed to cold for extended nights.

Get your dog a Best Friends by Sheri Cozy dog bed and have the peace of mind that they are safe, warm, and happy.

Product Highlights

  • Orthopedic
  • Hooded Blanket for Warmth and Security
  • Machine Washable
  • Water/Dirt Resistant Base
  • Multiple Colors

7. Washable Memory Foam Dog Bed for Chihuahua

Washable Memory Foam Dog Bed for Chihuahua

Size: Small | Material: Plush | Brand: Barkbox | Color: Espresso | Fill Material: Memory_Foam

When dogs age, they need to be offered special care by the people around them. Like old people, dogs also suffer from some medical conditions with age, with most of the conditions impacting their bones and muscles.

One of the most common medical conditions that some dogs suffer from is arthritis. Arthritis is a medical condition that affects the bones and muscles. When your dog suffers from this condition, or if you want to protect them from suffering from such a condition, you should get a Barkbox dog bed for them.

The bed offers memory form and orthopedic support that reduces pain and increases comfort for better sleep.

Product Highlights

  • Memory Foam Platform
  • Orthopedic for joint relief
  • Machine Washable Cuddler
  • Removable Cover
  • Water-Resistant Lining

A Guide to the Best Chihuahuas Beds

What size bed for Chihuahuas?

The size of bed you need for your Chihuahua will depend on the size of the dog. A small bed is suitable for a small dog, while a larger one is necessary for a large dog. When choosing a bed, make sure to measure your dog and choose one that is the right size.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a bed that is at least two inches longer than your dog and twice as wide. This will ensure that they have enough room to move around and be comfortable. If you have more than one Chihuahua, you will need multiple beds or one very large bed!


The Chihuahuas bed will be one that is highly durable. You don’t want to have to replace the bedding every few months, so it’s important to choose a good quality product made from high-quality materials and strong stitching.

Make sure there are no loose or frayed parts in case your dog chews on them and check the stitching before you buy. The last thing you need when trying to find an effective solution for keeping your pets comfortable at night is having holes in their beds!

Easy to Clean

One of the main benefits of a dog bed is that it’s easy to clean. If your Chihuahua has an accident or gets sick, you want to be able to disinfect and clean the bed quickly and easily.

Many dog beds are now made from water-resistant or waterproof materials that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. If you choose an orthopedic bed, make sure it has a removable cover that can be washed in the machine.


When choosing a dog bed, you also need to consider the design. Some people prefer simple designs while others like more funky or stylish beds. If you have a particularly fashionable Chihuahua, then choose a bed that will complement their personality!

So now that you know what to look for when buying a dog bed for your Chihuahua, let’s take a look at some of the best options currently available on the market.


The most common type of dog bed is the round one, such as a donut. These beds are usually very soft and comfortable but they do tend to flatten out over time which means you’ll need to replace them regularly.

If your Chihuahua has arthritis or other joint problems then consider buying an orthopedic style of the dog bed. These have a firm base that provides support for joints while cushioning pressure points on their body. They’re often made from memory foam too so will contour perfectly to their shape!

Another option if you want something simple is a square-shaped dog bed with raised sides known as a cot. This gives your pet somewhere elevated to sleep without taking up much space in your home or car.

What are the Benefits of Choosing the Right Dog Bed for Chihuahuas?

There are many benefits to choosing the right dog bed for your Chihuahua, including:

  • Increased comfort – A good quality dog bed will be much more comfortable than sleeping on the hard floor or sofa. This is especially important if your Chihuahua has joint problems or arthritis.
  • Reduced stress – Dogs often feel stressed and anxious when they don’t have their own space or a place to call their own. A comfortable and safe bed gives them a sense of security and can help reduce anxiety levels.
  • Protection from cold floors – If you have wooden floors, your Chihuahua may feel the cold at night. A soft dog bed will keep them warm and snug all night long!
  • Easy cleaning – As we mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of a dog bed is that it’s easy to clean. This is especially important if you have a young puppy who may be potty training.


What kind of bed does a Chihuahuas need?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as to the bed for a Chihuahua will vary depending on their individual needs. However, we can give you some general advice on what to look for when choosing a dog bed for your Chihuahua.

First of all, think about what type of material the bed is made from. If your pet likes to chew then you’ll need something that’s durable and won’t easily tear apart. Fabric beds are generally not as good at chewing but orthopedic foam beds may be a good option.

You also need to consider the size of the bed. It should be big enough for your Chahua to stretch out comfortably but not so big that it takes up too much space in your home.

Do Chihuahuas like to sleep in your bed?

Some Chihuahuas do enjoy sleeping in their owner’s bed but others prefer to have their own space. If your pet is happy to sleep in your bed then consider buying them a small dog bed that can be placed next to or on top of yours. This will help keep your bed clean and free from dog hair!

Where do chihuahuas like to sleep?

Chihuahuas can be quite fussy when it comes to choosing a sleeping spot. Some prefer to sleep in their owner’s bed while others like to have their own designated spot in the house or garden. If your Chihuahua is reluctant to sleep anywhere then try using a dog crate as this will provide them with their own private space where they feel safe and secure.

Whatever you do, don’t force your pet to sleep in a place that they’re not comfortable with. All dogs need some downtime and if your Chihuahua prefers to sleep on the floor then let them! They’ll come around eventually – just make sure you provide them with a comfortable and safe bed to rest in meantime.

Conclusion: Best Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

If you’re in the market for a new dog bed, follow these buying guides and tips to help select the perfect one. Remember that each of your four-legged friends will have unique needs when it comes to selecting their bedding so be sure to consider what they enjoy most before making a final decision.

Chihuahuas are typically very active dogs who love an adventure, but also need plenty of rest throughout the day. A durable yet lightweight option is best because this breed can get overheated easily due to its small size which means air circulation is important too!

Make sure there’s enough padding on top with something like memory foam or gel-infused material for them to snuggle into while enjoying some naps. They’ll thank

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