Best Ceramic Dog Bowls Reviews in 2022

When it comes to the best ceramic dog bowls, there are a variety of options for you. Although ceramic ones are heavy, that’s the best part about them. This material has both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using it. That’s why to help you, here we are going to help you to choose the best one.

It is not hard to choose one for your dog if you know what you should be getting. That’s why in this article, we are going to mention the top 10 rated ceramic dog bowls for dogs.

In a Hurry? Editor’s Top-3 Picks

Bone Dry Lattice Collection Pet Bowl & Canister

Ethical 9-1/2-Inch Stoneware Bowl

Bone Dry Elegant Marble Design Ceramic Pet Bowl

Best Ceramic Dog Bowls

1. Bone Dry Lattice Collection Pet Bowl & Canister

With the help of these ceramic dog bowls, now your dog won’t be able to make a mess around mealtime. Because there are silicone rims at the bottom of the bowls that will keep the bowls at the same place. So there will be no sliding.

You will get 2 pet medium pet bowls in this set. This one is FDA food safe and California Prop 65 compliant. So you can say this pair of bowls are safe to use for your dog.

This ceramic dish is available in a wide range of colors and designs. So these water dishes will be attractive and durable for your dog to use. Its simple and stylish design makes them better for you to use.

As it contains Porcelain ceramics, so you don’t even have to worry about anything. And its silicone ring will make sure not to slide or skid the bowls. 


  • Various color options
  • Set of 2 pet bowls
  • Silicone ring and rim for a better position
  • Durable and high-quality materials

2. Ethical 9-1/2-Inch Stoneware Bowl

These stoneware dog ceramic bowls have a heavy base that makes them heavy-duty and sturdy. This pet bowl is at least 9 inches diameter and 2.75 inches height. So you can get this one for your dog to have food properly.

As it has heavy-weight materials so there will be no extra movements when your dog is about to have food. And it will make sure your dog can have a comfortable mealtime.

Because of the smooth surface of stoneware products, it is easy for you to clean the bowl easily and quickly without having a hard time. You can wash it by using a regular dishwasher.

You can keep these stoneware bowls in your kitchen or any place in your home as its simple yet sophisticated design will suit any home decor. This one is also microwave safe. So you can warm up your dog’s food and fresh water any time.


  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Microwave safe and dishwasher safe
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy
  • No spills around mealtime

3. Bone Dry Elegant Marble Design Ceramic Pet Bowl

If you got a messy eater in your home and it is hard for you to clean after your pooch has its food, then you should try to use this ceramic pet bowl from Bone dry. This type of bowl is available in a different range of sizes.

It contains fun designs that make this pair of bowls interesting for you to use. Its stay-put silicon bottom will ensure this one will never slide when your pooch starts to have its food. You can delight your dog’s mood with this one.

The porcelain ceramic makes this one dishwasher safe. So it will be convenient for you to clean it. So it has both durable materials and easy cleaning features.

Bone dry also comes with different patterns and paw prints that you would love to use. There are also fun colors that you would love to get for your doggo.


  • Travel friendly and ideal for smaller dogs
  • Silicone rings to prevent sliding
  • Paw lattice patterned

4. BestVida Sparks Pet Feeder, Dog Feeder, Dog Bowl

Unlike the other ceramic dog bowl, this one is a little different than the regular bowls. This elevated bowl slow feeder will make sure your dog gets a proper posture while eating food and make sure your dog can digest food properly.

You can keep it on wooden floors or tiled floors without getting worried about scratching the floor because of its unique stand design. So there is nothing for you to get worried.

As it has handcrafted iron with a neutral antique powder-coated finish, so you know it won’t get rust or corrosion after a few usages. These premium glazed stoneware bowls are non-absorbent and durable.

It can hold up to 10 cups of food and 80 oz water. So it will make your dog tummy full and hydrated. You will see a range of sizes of this bowl.


  • Hold up to 10 cups of dry dog food and 80 oz water.
  • Resistant to chip and rust
  • 8 x 10. 4 x 10. 1-inch Powder-coated bowls

5. ProsperDog Elevated Dog Dish Pet Food Bowls With Stand

These artisan bowls can function better than it actually looks. It will make your feeding station look better and sophisticated. It will perform better than your stainless steel bowls or plastic bowls. There is a modern design that will look great with your modern decor.

With the help of these raised pet bowl stands, you can give your dog a better position to eat food. It doesnt matter if your dog is smaller or larger, this one is for everyone.

You can keep it anywhere in your house. It doesnt have anything like PVC, Phthalate, and BPA. Your dog won’t be able to make a mess around mealtime. Its wide base will give you plenty of space to keep food.


  • Hold up to 3 to 6 cups of dry kibble
  • High-quality and food-safe ABS plastic
  • Free from BPA, PVC, and Phthalate.
  • Makes mealtime fun and enjoyable

6. Petrageous Designs Buddy’s Best Ceramic Dog Bowls Feeder

Buddy’s Best Ceramic Dog Bowls Feeder works better than your average steel dog bowls. You can keep these elevated dog bowls anywhere in your house. You can keep it with you like you keep travel bowls with you all the time when you are traveling with your dog.

Your dog will get a better position when it comes to eating food. This one is a great option for puppies to larger dogs. It gives a perfect size for any type of dog. It gives you perfect height options for your dog to eat food.

This one is ideal for smaller to larger dogs with joint issues, arthritis, or digestive problems. You can keep here at least two-cup capacity and 10.1 fl oz water. You can remove the bowl from the stand and wash it with a dishwasher without causing any problems.


  • 15.24 x 33.02 x 7.62 cm
  • Hold up to 1.25 to two-cup capacity and 10.1 fl oz water.
  • Removable and dishwasher safe bowl
  • Ideal for small dogs and larger dogs with arthritis, joint pain, or digestive problem

7. One for Pets The Kurve Raised Ceramic Bowls Slow Feeder

One for Pets brings you a ceramic dish that can hold up to 2 cups of food or 13 oz water to make your dog’s tummy full without any problems. This dog dish is heavy enough not to trip on the floor when your dog is having food peacefully. 

This elevated bowl is 6 inches diameter x 2 3/4 inches height. So for smaller dogs, this one would be the best to use. Its red stylish design will make sure to attract your dog’s attention.

There are a rubber base and stopper on the bottom of the bowl that creates a non-slip base. But make sure to remove the base before you put the bowl in the microwave.

You will see color choices when it comes to this bowl set. It looks classy yet functional. So it will fit perfectly in your home.


  • No lead, mercury, and cadmium in this bowl
  • 6 inches in diameter x 2 3/4 inches height
  • Ideal for home decor

8. PetRageous 10003 Vintage Stoneware Dog Water Bowls

These dog bowls look great enough for your picky eater to have food without causing any rucks in your house. This one will be an excellent choice for you to use. Moreover, its vintage look gives it a different vibe. 

It is 2.5 inches height, 6 inches wide, and in length. You will get them in two colors. The best thing about this one is it contains 100% stoneware. It is also hand-crafted. You can fill water and food without spilling anything.

Overall if you think, it meets all the safety standards that you might be looking for in a dog bowl for your dog. There are no materials like BPA, PVC, and Phthalate. So it will be the safest choice for you.


  • Hold up to 3.5 to 4 cups of water capacity
  • Meets the standard of FDA
  • Free from BPA, PVC, and Phthalate.
  • Makes mealtime fun and enjoyable

9. Sweejar porcelain ceramic Elevated Dog Bowls

Every pet owners want to make sure to get their dog the best things. This one is ideal for easy-going pets to use. You can use these ceramic dog bowls to feed your dog both dry and wet food. It will help you to keep water fresh because of this bowl material.

With the help of this tilted bowl, there will be no spills during mealtime. The ceramic glazes of this bowl will ensure to draw your dog’s attention. You can get this high quality dog bowl at an affordable price.

You can use this slow feeder bowl to make your dog eat food less aggressively. These feeder dog bowls can hold 10 ounces of water. There will be no issues with this slow-feed dog bowl. These bowls can be a durable option for you to use. This bowl perfect to use for smaller dogs.


  • 10 ounces of water capacity
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • lead-free glaze ceramic bowls for a safe meal
  • No-spill dog bowl and elevated base

10. Fresco Dog Water dishes

There are many colour options with this one from Fresco. There is a protective glaze in these feeder dog bowls. There is also a classic flower pot design that makes it look interesting. It will cause no mess on the kitchen floor.

With the help of the non-slip ring, this bowl won’t sleep when your doggo is having its food. It can hold up to 3 cups of water. You can use this one for dogs with issues as well as for flat-faced dog bowls. This one has stoneware material that makes these pet food bowls the best to use.


  • Hold up to 3 cups of kibble
  • Ideal option travel dog bowls
  • Keep protected floors from stains
  • No more liquid drains from excess water

Best Ceramic Dog Bowls Buying Guide

Bowl Size

There are ranges of sizes when it comes to ceramic dog bowls. You will get the small size, medium size, and large size bowls. So there are a huge variety of sizes. You can get bowls for tall or large-breed dogs, small or medium breed dogs. But the thing that you need to make sure of is getting the perfect bowl size.

There are some dogs with issues and they need the proper size of bowls. 

Bowl Materials

There are many types of bowls available for dogs. Among them, ceramic dog bowls are the high-quality option to use. This type of bowl is heavier than stainless steel dishes. They don’t have lightweight material. For excited eaters, this one is not a standard design to use.


For your dog’s daily meal time, you have to ensure you get a bowl with the best price range. From the expensive price option to the affordable price range, you will see everything. That’s why before you get one for your dog, you have to make a budget beforehead.


Water Capacity is a must thing that you have to consider when you are getting pet food or water bowl for your dog. Even if you get slow-feeder dog bowls, make sure to consider the capacity of your dog bowl.


Are ceramic bowls better for dogs?

Ceramic bowls are better than plastic dog bowls. But if you are talking about stainless steel bowls, then you might need to have a second thought. There is a wide range of options for ceramic bowls. But ceramic bowls can break easily.

Are ceramic or metal bowls better for dogs?

The safest choices between ceramic and metal bowl are stainless steel. Because if your dog is a picky eater, your dog can break the bowl easily. Make sure to get the high-quality stainless steel along with the rubber base Pet Food or Water Bowl.

Hopefully, after reading this article, all of your doubts have been cleared. There are many stylish options, practical options for you to choose from among these ceramic bowls. Make sure to follow the buying guide to choose the best ceramic dog bowls for your dogs.

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